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                                                              NEWBORN SESSIONS @ HOME

                                                              At home newborn sessions capture the hazy, love-filled days experienced when you are first settling in with your brand new baby. The moments when you and your partner will blissfully gaze into your little one's eyes; slowly memorizing each and every  detail of their tiny milk-stained face, their wrinkly hands and feet and their perfect little body.   ,

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                                                              KIND WORDS

                                                              FROM SOME AMAZING PAST CLIENTS

                                                              Samantha is a dream to work with. She has an amazing way of reaching into the constant state of chaos that our family seems to be in and capturing the most incredible images. You’ll feel comfortable, your kids will feel comfortable and you’ll have photos you’ll love, undoubtably. — BM


                                                              I loved how she made us feel like we were just on an adventure along the river bed. When I walked into the photo reveal I was totally blown away. The photos were just amazing. I will recommend Sevan photography to all that ask. — SS

                                                              I cannot stress enough how happy I am with them, her work is absolutely flawless. Throughout the entire session she made us feel so comfortable. She has such an eye for capturing the perfect moment on camera. I love each and every photo that she took. The photo reveal was my favourite part of the process. — SG

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